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Welcome to KalpVriksh!  
Kalpvriksh is an online Indian handicrafts and handloom store run by Kalpvriksh Retail. 
It is our endeavor to present to our customers, the exquisite handicrafts and handloom that form an integral part of India’s rich cultural heritage, from across the country. The beautiful Indian crafts produced by our immensely skilled artisans are mesmerizing, magical and every bit so vibrant. It is our intent to explore and discover these traditional craft forms that are the very basis of our glorious Indian roots. We bring these beautifully crafted products from heartlands of India, straight to our discerning customers. 
About Kalpvriksh 
Kalpvriksh is the divine wish fulfilling tree in Indian mythology. It originated during Samudra Manthan and has ever since been an important symbol in Indian literature. It is also called the ‘Tree of Life’ that is so popular in Indian folk art and crafts. For us it means: 
- Being a ‘Kalpvriksh’ to our talented artisans by creating more opportunities for them to showcase their products and help in improving their livelihoods 
- Being a ‘Kalpvriksh’ to our customers by bringing to them the most beautiful and authentic products, they are looking for, direct from their creators in the heartlands of India. 
- In the process, it is our endeavor to contribute in a small humble way towards craft conservation, sustainability by promoting means of traditional livelihoods in rural areas and encouraging eco-friendly choices for shopping.
Each purchase made on Kalpvriksh touches a life somewhere far away and positively contributes to our people,our society and our environment.  
Our Logo
Peacocks and birds are beautiful motifs used in various arts and crafts practiced across India. The beautifully drawn peacocks and birds along the shape of Kalpvriksh tree in our logo, depict our rich culture and heritage of traditional arts and crafts, throughout the country.
The Color and Background
The logo is inspired by Warli and Aipan folk art in a contemporary look. Both the arts celebrate life in its simplicity, which is what we also believe in - Celebrating Indian Crafts that are practiced more like traditions by our artisans. These arts tell simple stories that have travelled through time for centuries. It is our endeavor to bring these great stories of our rich heritage of arts and crafts, through our website.
Our Mission
Kalpvriksh journey began with an intense passion and appreciation for Indian arts and crafts with the intent to contribute positively to our society, our talented artisans and our environment.
Kalpvriksh is a social enterprise that promotes
1. We support Indian artisans by following fair trade principles. We ensure this by curating our collections directly from artisans or NGOs or self-help producer groups or craft based organisations that engage directly with the artisans and are fair trade certified. This ensures that the artisans get adequate remuneration for their hard work and skills. 
2. We support women empowerment. 
a. A large number of crafts are practiced by rural women to supplement their house income. We collaborate and promote the products created by them to improve work opportunities for them. 
b. We collaborate with NGOs that are working for women empowerment and education. We also source products from these NGOs to support them in their objectives.
c. We also take great pride in recruiting women from disadvantaged backgrounds and train them with skills required to carry out ecommerce operations. 95% of our staff are women and are effectively trained and empowered to successfully manage the operations and backend of our ecommerce business. 
3. It is our prime objective to curate and source authentic products created using traditional craft techniques by artisans based in the craft clusters all over India. 
4. We ensure that our customers get the best of the products at great value. It is always our endeavor to have pricing and policies with an objective to provide best value to our revered customers. 
Above All
In today’s world of rapidly changing fast fashion and mass production churning millions and millions of products every minute, we bring to you unique and exclusive handcrafted products made with love. The handcrafted products have all the essence of creativity, love and passion poured into its making. The handcrafted products have a soul, a story and they make memories that live for years.